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Synced Up Designs offers custom Indoor Percussion shows, custom Marching Band shows, and any other services pertaining to the marching arts.

WGI Guard

Synced Up Designs offers services for Winter Guards.

These services include

  • Digital Flag Design
  • Digital Floor Design
  • Composed / Arranged Audio

"6 rules of success"

This WGI Guard show explores the 6 key principles of success that can be applied to any pursuit in one’s life. (Length: 4:30) 

 "Terrors in the Night"

Commissioned for the 2015 Spring Grove HS Winterguard in Pennsylvania.

"An Angel's Playground"  

Composed for the 2012 Seymour HS Novice Winterguard.

Sting's "Shape of My Heart"

Services rendered:  Provided orchestration and sound design to existing audio.