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Synced Up Designs offers custom Indoor Percussion shows, custom Marching Band shows, and any other services pertaining to the marching arts.

The Scarecrow

Our food has turned from farmers giving us real food to corporations using mass production and poisoning us for capital gain. The Scarecrow is the hero that takes back the food and saves us from ourselves! 


Time: 5:40

- Snare
- Tenor
- Bass Drums (4/5)
- Cymbals
- Glockenspiel
- Marimbas (2-5)
- Vibes (2-5)
- Xylophone/Crotales (1)
- Rack (2-3)
- Synthesizer (2)
- Drumset
- Sampler Part

- Music scores and parts in pdf format
- Battery and front ensemble click tracks
- All samples separated
- Show template for Mainstage interface
- Count sheet in excel and pdf format
- Image file of floor

The Scarecrow