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Synced Up Designs offers custom Indoor Percussion shows, custom Marching Band shows, and any other services pertaining to the marching arts.

Indoor Percussion

**Please contact Synced Up Designs before show purchase to inquire about regional conflicts that may affect show availability.**

Gothic Romance

Gothic Romance_Box.jpg
Gothic Romance_Box.jpg

Gothic Romance


In this gothic style setting, the music and set design tells the story of a lonely mad scientist in a castle that creates hisown monster with hopes of teaching it to love!

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Class: A Class

Time: 4:30


- Snares/Tenors/5 Bass Drums
- Vibes (3, one part is vibe/glock)
- Marimbas (3)
- Racks (2)
- Synth (2)

- Music scores and parts in pdf format
- Battery and front ensemble click tracks
- All samples separated
- Show template for Mainstage interface
- Count sheet in excel and pdf format

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We can also help with custom artwork!