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Synced Up Designs offers custom Indoor Percussion shows, custom Marching Band shows, and any other services pertaining to the marching arts.

Indoor Winds

**Please contact Synced Up Designs before show purchase to inquire about regional conflicts that may affect show availability.**

Up in the Woods


Up in the Woods


Featuring Bon Iver’s “Woods”, Buddy Rich’s “Norwegian Wood” and original music entitled “Cajon Forest” this show features music and textures that are all about wood.

****This show has additional requirements and fees needed to comply with music licensing. Contact us for more information.****

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Class: A

Time: 5:47

- Flute
- Clarinet
- Alto Sax.
- Tenor Sax
- Trumpets x2
- Mellophone
- Low Brass x2
- Tuba
- Optional Cajon x2
- Sampler/Laptop/Sound system (For performance soundtrack)

- Music scores and parts in pdf format
- Click tracks
- All samples separated
- Count sheet in excel and pdf format

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