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Synced Up Designs offers custom Indoor Percussion shows, custom Marching Band shows, and any other services pertaining to the marching arts.


Synced Up used levels to describe difficulty with 3 being most difficult.

*Colors also denote difficulty.

GREEN: Beginner RED: Intermediate BLACK: Advanced


By combining an 8's Ensemble Package, "The Basics" Package, and one of our 3 Supplemental Packages, we have created the "Synced Up Foundations Packages", providing you with a variety of music and exercises to build a solid foundation for your percussion program.  Our Foundation system uses levels of 1,2, or 3 to dictate basic, intermediate, or advanced. Synced Up Foundations is a packaged fundamental program of battery and front ensemble exercises that are coordinated in an ensemble setting. By purchasing the Foundation Packages yousave over $100!

Level 2 Supplement

Marching Band WarmUps
Marching Band WarmUps

Level 2 Supplement


Level 2 Download includes:

3/4 Motion

6/4 Control

7-16 Limp

Big 8 Accent Tap

Big 8 Double Beat

Triplet Diddle B-Down

Triplet Singles B-Down

Triplet Timing B-Down


Flam'n It Up

Son of Flynn

The One

The Shocker

and the full Basics Download

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